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Read about the issue we're fighting and how our approach is making a difference in the fight against human trafficking.


Global Emancipation Network fights human trafficking – a true modern evil.  Approximately 21 million men, women, and children are trafficked each year across the globe generating an estimated $50 billion for traffickers and organized criminal networks.  The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that internationally, fewer than 50,000 of these victims are identified and rescued.  Like many other criminal enterprises, traffickers are reliant on internet-based applications to find and groom victims, organize transportation, and advertise their victims’ services.  This reliance is also their weakness.


At Global Emancipation Network, we strive to be the global clearinghouse for trafficking data worldwide, as well as to facilitate communication and technology-sharing initiatives between the numerous anti-trafficking stakeholders across the globe. Minerva, our multi-tenant data analytics platform, enables secure, individualized data sharing and the easy application of intelligent analytics. We collect our data on trafficking, including text and images, from the open and deep web, and work with experts on the dark web like Recorded Future and Owl Cybersecurity, to gain insight into the traffic on those sites and forums. We’ve gathered thousands of trafficking cases and convictions as well as international legislation. We enrich this data with public records and open web searches and through image analysis tools. Most importantly, we make all this data available free of charge to our users including law enforcement, government agencies, researchers, academia, and anti-trafficking nonprofits so they can combine our data with their own specialized datasets. Our goal is to empower our users to concentrate on achieving their specific missions without worrying about resources and technology. We need easy, free solutions to make use of all available trafficking data and to join together seemingly disparate data points to find connections. We cannot fight the battle against trafficking by standing alone on our own islands. But together, we can find every victim and stop every trafficker.  Our Technology Partners


Researcher Partners

Academics, Policymakers

External Investigation Partners

Commercial Enterprise Partners

Host your trafficking data safely and securely on Minerva, or take advantage of Global Emancipation Network’s extensive dataset to gain better insight into your operations. Use world-class analytics to search out notable patterns in the data, find victims of trafficking, and identify nefarious users. Make data-informed disruption decisions before taking action and learn how to most efficiently allocate your precious resources to have the greatest impact. Deconflict and communicate with other stakeholders on cases, operations, best practices, technology, and more.

Do you need to secure your services against trafficking? Use our enterprise portal to check entities against a known catalog of traffickers and victims to ensure your hotels, rentals, driving services, banking systems, and more aren’t being used as a tool in the trafficker’s toolbelt.

Engage with Global Emancipation Network’s dataset through an API. Dig into the data to answer research-specific questions about trafficking. Sift through a large trafficking case and legislation catalog and learn more about anti-trafficking stakeholders through our services directory.

Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Anti-trafficking nonprofits

Hospitality, Financial sector, transportation, and more


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