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These Noble Nerds Fight Human Trafficking with Data, Blockchain Analytics 2 Oct 2017 – by R. Danes of SiliconAngle (Source) – See Video Interview Law enforcement agencies across the globe concur that human trafficking — the capture, transfer, receipt or harboring of humans for various exploitative purposes — is widespread. Available statistics are wildly inconsistent, however; the International Labor Organization has estimated the global number of ... Read more

theCube Interview with Sherrie Caltagirone 26 September 2017 Washington, DC – interviewed Global Emancipation Network Executive Director Sherrie Caltagirone in theCube at Splunk .conf 2017.  Learn More How big is the problem? The trafficking numbers aren’t even numbers we can fathom.  20 million, 40 million, nobody knows what that means.  It’s really difficult to figure out the truth.  There is no ... Read more

Anti-human trafficking group uses data to track criminals By Selena Larson via CNN Money 17 August 2017 (source) A word like “fresh” can be a signal that a young girl is being trafficked. Finding it in advertising could lead to saving someone’s life. Human traffickers rely on the internet to advertise and maintain criminal enterprises. The Global Emancipation Network collects and analyzes the digital breadcrumbs they leave ... Read more

Press Releases

Global Emancipation Network and Splunk Partner 25 September 2017  The Global Emancipation Network and Splunk through Splunk4Good are proud to partner and together use the power of data analytics to end human trafficking.  Splunk announced a $100m philanthropic pledge for global research, social impact and educational initiatives.  The Global Emancipation Network is proud to be one of the first Splunk partners in ... Read more

Using Big Data to Stop Human Trafficking with Microsoft Azure Around the world, over 21 million adults and children are the victims of human trafficking. Of that, less than 50,000 are rescued. This devastating criminal industry must conduct business in the shadows, but even though the operations are not always easily identifiable in public, human trafficking networks develop patterns that can be tracked. Nonprofit organizations ... Read more

Global Emancipation Network and Recorded Future Announce Partnership SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – May 25, 2016 Recorded Future and Global Emancipation Network today announced a technology partnership advancing novel applications of data science and natural language processing in the field of human rights.  The partnership provides Global Emancipation Network with access to comprehensive stores of open source and dark web data and allows for seamless API ... Read more