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Executive Director

Sherrie brings over 10 years of experience combating human trafficking to the creation of the Global Emancipation Network.  She is the author of several international legal policies and guidelines on trafficking and has collaborated with the United Nations, League of Arab States, Council of Europe, Interpol, and several governmental agencies to end modern-day slavery.  She enjoys traveling and reads voraciously to feed a passion for creating new solutions to end human trafficking.

Technical Director

Sergio Caltagirone has dedicated his life to making the world a better place through technology.  A classically trained computer scientist with a passion for good, Sergio has endeavored for the last 15 years of his professional career to hunting those misusing the internet and harming others.  He has found and tracked the most sophisticated hackers in the world which threaten both the sensitive personal information of users but also their physical security as well.  He is recognized as one of the foremost experts on cybersecurity and advanced and targeted internet threats.  His career includes: academic research on computer security and policy, years of service to the United States Government to secure critical networks, and working with international partners on cybersecurity operations and policy.  He currently directs Microsoft’s threat intelligence analysis and is the Technical Director for the Global Emancipation Network on a mission to eradicate human trafficking.

Director of Partnerships

Jeremy has spent over 20 years in the technology industry building strategic relationship programs, business development, product management, and sales. He has spent the last 14 years in various roles at Microsoft where he is currently a Business Development and Program Manager for the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center. Jeremy is passionate about connecting people and ideas in ways that solve big challenges. He sees GEN as an opportunity to build strong partnerships that bring together the best people, organizations, and technology to fight human trafficking and rescue exploited people around the world.

Strategic Advisor

Sean Underwood is a dynamic intelligence professional with over 10 years of experience in intelligence operations across the public, private sector and non-governmental organizations. He has been successful in helping organizations achieve their key intelligence outcomes, from strategy development to execution. Sean is an expert in intelligence transformation projects for executive law enforcement officers (at the Federal and State level) and senior executives in the private sector; he has assisted in the development of over 50 intelligence fusion centers, building new functional teams from multiple disciplines from the ground up.

Software Engineer

I’m currently a Software Engineer Manager with Microsoft’s C+E Security group. I lead a team of engineers responsible for a new Azure security service that analyzes memory dumps from Azure VMs and Azure services to detect signs of malware compromise. I began my career as a Software Engineer working for Unisys Corporation in 2000, responsible for network protocol driver systems that allowed Unisys mainframe operating systems to leverage Windows environments for networking support. I discovered security while working on a TCP/UDP port filtering feature designed to help protect Unisys servers from DoS attacks, and by 2005 joined Microsoft in a software engineer role to help support Microsoft’s own security monitoring and defense efforts. After a variety of roles developing security services and tools helping Microsoft defenders monitor and protect against attacks, my focus has returned to building security products and services that help customers detect and respond to threats.

I’m eager to learn new skills and technologies, and am excited to find ways my experience might help others. So contributing after-hours to help the GEN team was a natural fit for me. In my spare time I enjoy training for and running in marathons, and spending time with my wife and our dogs. ”

Partnership Outreach

John Dellinger has over 20 years of experience leading inter-agency coordination and international cooperation initiatives. He has served as an officer in both the United States Marine Corps and the Royal Australian Navy, and has worked in both government and private sectors. John is passionate about bringing an end to human slavery around the world.  As an intelligence professional, he is acutely aware of how adversaries exploit knowledge gaps and take advantage of organisational weaknesses.   He believes that by bringing together private, government and non-governmental organisations to share knowledge and information, we can develop a better understanding of human trafficking networks and close the gaps they exploit. John has lived and worked in several countries and holds a master’s degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Legal and Policy Analyst

Andrea joins Global Emancipation Network after spending over 15 years working in social justice. Her experience in legal representation, law and policy analysis, victim’s advocacy, NGO board service and development, and legal writing brings a broad view to the organization.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Andrea worked in the fashion industry. She learned first hand the real cost of fast fashion and the illegal human trafficking supply chain.

In 2006, Andrea began focusing her efforts on education and prevention of human trafficking. As a frequent international traveler she realized after talking with influential, educated professionals during long haul flights that most were unaware of the global human trafficking epidemic. Upon that realization she tailored her presentation about the injustice to present in both informal, brief conversations as well as formal presentations. She’s formally presented to numerous organizations including SARC and ORLA and engaged in countless informal conversations.

She holds a BS in Psychology from Portland State University, a BS in Merchandising Management from Oregon State University, and a JD from Willamette University. She is a member of the Oregon State Bar. Currently, Andrea is writing policy guidelines to set aside victims’ criminal convictions.

Intelligence Analyst

Justin Underwood is a Human Intelligence professional that combines his passion for investigations with his technical expertise in order to help identify, locate, and capture those that try to harm the innocent. Using his 10+ years of investigative experience which includes serving in the U.S. Army and conducting operations all over the world, he hopes to do what is necessary to aid in eradicating contemporary slavery.

Law Enforcement Coordinator
Jason Hafer, a public servant of fourteen years, has devoted his life to making our communities safer, seeking justice for those wronged and shining a light into the dark places of society.   Both a United States Air Force veteran and an eight-year veteran of law enforcement, Jason has most recently served as a detective for a multi-agency children’s advocacy center, where he investigated crimes of physical and sexual abuse against minors.