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The Problem

Approximately 21 million men, women, and children are trafficked each year across the globe generating an estimated $50 billion for traffickers and organized criminal networks.  The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that internationally, fewer than 50,000 of these victims are identified and rescued.  Like many other criminal enterprises, traffickers are reliant on internet-based applications to find and groom victims, organize transportation, and advertise their victims’ services.  This reliance is also their weakness.

Our Approach

Global Emancipation Network combats human trafficking by leveraging large scale data analytics. We partner with organizations, governments, and law enforcement around the world to collect and aggregate complex and dynamic data sets and apply data science and machine learning techniques to identify victims, traffickers, and their pipelines to enable more efficient victim rescue operations and inform policy and legislation.  Our methods allow us to scale otherwise lengthy human data mining processes to find victims and traffickers on an unprecedented scale.

Global Emancipation Network’s ground-breaking techniques will allow us to half the number of victims in the next five years, saving millions of lives every year.  We will not stop until we find every victim and stop every trafficker.